Its 20 slides, so it doesn’t have to be that many words because its not an actual paper. Please adjust price because it is giving me a price as if it is a paper. INTELLIGENCE FAILURES PRESENTATION INSTRUCTIONS You will make a presentation that outlines and analyzes an intelligence failure. The presentation must begin with a clear statement of what makes this event an intelligence failure and proceed with an objective timeline of the event. Next, you must determine the point at which events slipped out of control making failure inevitable. Your presentation will then identify the erroneous assumptions made by decision-makers. Finally, offer suggestions on how circumstances could have been altered in such a way as to have avoided failure. Important: A PowerPoint Presentation is not an essay on slides; keep wording to a minimum, such as by using bullet points. You may use Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or infographics as the instrument for your presentation. While the suggested length is 20–25, keep in mind that there is a subjective judgment to make about how much information you wish to place on each slide. The driving standard should be the clarity of the slide and the effectiveness of your presentation in making a case for your conclusions. You must use at least 3 scholarly sources and cite them according to current Turabian format.

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