Instructionsstep 1 Complete Reading Or Viewing All Assigned Materialsstep 2 Resp


Step 1: Complete reading or viewing all assigned materials

Step 2: Respond to both of the following prompts:

Prompt 1- (Referring to Del Toro and Hogan’s article  Compare vampires to any another “monster” that is widely represented in popular culture. How does the other “monster” emphasize what is mortal or eternal in us?

Prompt 2- (Referring to Laird’s article) Play devil’s advocate. Choose one of Laird’s emboldened grievances and construct a counterargument.

Step 3: Reply to at least two of your classmates. Don’t simply say “I agree” or any derivative of that response. Engage in thought-provoking discussion. Why do you agree with your peer? In what ways do you disagree? What factors did your peer not address? These are just a few questions to help guide you in writing SUBSTANTIVE replies to your peers.

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