Individual Analyzing Published Research Article (IAPRA)
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Part I: Research Question, Purpose, Variables and Participants
Research Question
· Clearly and concisely states your group research question as formulated in PICO format.(  
The research question is “for children with autism spectrum disorder, does therapy compared to no therapy help improve social behavior.”)
Purpose of the Study
· Describe the purpose/aim of the study as the author stated in the article: may cut & paste
· Do NOT change or modify the purpose statement on the article 
· Identify study variables from the above stated Purpose of Study
· Quantitative Study: Dependent & Independent Variables OR Descriptive, Qualitative Study: Variables of Interest 
· Enrollment: How did they recruit/enroll eligible participants in the study?
· Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria: Describe Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria
· Total Participant Numbers: Total numbers of participants in the study 
Part II: Intervention Procedures/Obtaining Information Procedures
Quantitative Study
Intervention/Treatment Group
· Describe the intervention contents given to Intervention group
· Describe how the contents were given to Intervention group
· Identify the person who provided Intervention contents to Intervention group
Control Group: If the study has Control Group
· Describe the contents given to Control group
· Describe how the contents were given to Control group
· Identify the person who provided contents to Control group 
Descriptive/Qualitative Study: Obtaining Information Procedure 
· Describe the detailed procedure for obtaining information/data (i.e. made appointment to meet each participant, visited home/met in clinical setting……etc)
Part III: Data Collection Procedures & Measurement Tools/Instruments
· Describe ALL methods to collect data in detail (i.e. interview, survey, observation……etc.)
· Describe each measurement tool/instrument used to measure/assess outcomes in the study in detail.
Part IV: Results/Findings
Participant Characteristics/Sociodemographic Findings
· Describe participant characteristics or sociodemographic status
· Must be objective, descriptive, and comprehensive
· Must describe the findings of Tables/Figures to provide comprehensive information about participant characteristics as article provided.
Study Results/Findings
· Describe ALL Other Results/Findings besides above participant characteristics in detail.
§ Each result item must include Headings/Subheadings as the article provided.
§ Do NOT simply saying “pain level was decreased,” “adherence was increased”…etc 
§ Do NOT include contents from Discussion and/or Conclusion in the article. 
Part V: Synthesis of Findings 
Synthesis of Findings
· Describe the Rationale/Mechanism for how/why Finding of each intervention/factor helps your Research Question (i.e. how/what mechanism does music therapy help pain, how does sucking stimulation increase oral intake for pre-term infants)
· Should NOT repeat same contents you had on Findings section and/or article
· May include citations from other sources for above described rationale/mechanism (i.e. textbooks, CDC…etc) 
Nursing Implications
· How the nurses can implement the research findings into nursing practice.

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