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Select any two committees, one from each chamber. Write a three and half page essay-styled compare and contrast paper discussing the committees you chose.The paper must be double-spaced, 10-12 font, and 1-inch margins. I want you to read and think about the committees, not copy the sites!At a minimum, a 70% paper MUST address the following areas:

1. Discuss the basic information on the committee, including membership size, leadership positions, and

members of note for any reason (state, region, reputation,…)

2. Discuss the committee jurisdictions (what issues do they discuss), including a general discussion of its

breadth and depth. This is not a high school level list, but a discussion!

3. Discuss the presence of subcommittees and membership of interest there. Is this a logical breakdown?

4. Discuss any activity currently taking place with the committees and how this information may indicate the

power and importance of this committee in the overall congressional structure.

5. Discuss your educated impression of these committees and how they compare and contrast with regard to

all the above information and what you personally think of what they do.

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