Incentives for Better Security Practices

Question 1For most data breaches, the likelihood of any monetary fine being required from an organization is small. Thus, a more comprehensive legal framework that offers a mix of incentives for better security practices, disclosures, and individual protections is likely needed. In addition to disclosing and providing end-users and customers free credit monitoring services as a result of personal data breaches, discuss what other incentives could be implemented to improve security practices.question 2Compare the revised General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to European Union (EU) laws related to personal data protection, regardless of who collects it or how it is processed. Discuss the differences between Data Technology and Information Technology and why we seem to be transitioning to the latter. Chances are, you have received several correspondences from content providers who have updated their privacy policies to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Briefly discuss some of the changes that have been implemented to comply with the GDPR.

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