In Java Language Add The Following Methods To The Linkedcollection Class And Create 2742479

In JAVA Language

Add the following methods to the LinkedCollection class, and create a test driver for each to show that they work correctly. Code each of these methods by accessing the internal variables of the LinkedCollection, not by calling the previously defined methods of the class.

String toString() creates and returns a string that correctly represents the current collection. Such a method could prove useful for testing and debugging the class and for testing and debugging applications that use the class. Assume each stored element already provides its own reasonable toString method.

int count(T target) returns a count of the number of elements e in the collection such that e.equals(target) is true.

void removeAll(T target) removes all elements e from the collection such that e.equals(target) is true.

LinkedCollection<T> combine(LinkedCollection<T> other) creates and returns a new SortedArrayCollection object that is a combination of this object and the argument object.

package ch05.collections;

import support.LLNode;

public class LinkedCollection<T> implements CollectionInterface<T>


  protected LLNode<T> head;        // head of the linked list

  protected int numElements = 0;   // number of elements in this collection

  // set by find method

  protected boolean found;         // true if target found, else false

  protected LLNode<T> location;    // node containing target, if found

  protected LLNode<T> previous;    // node preceding location

  public LinkedCollection()


    numElements = 0;

    head = null;


23. public boolean add(T element) 24. // Adds element to this collection. 25. { 26. LLNode<T> newNode = new LLNode<T>(element); 27. newNode.setLink(head); 28. head = newNode; 29. numElements++; 30. return true; 31. } 32. public boolean contains (T target) public T get(T target) 33. { { 34. find(target); find(target); 35. return found; if (found) 36. } return location.getInfo(); 37. else 38. return null; 39. }


protected void find(T target) { location = 0; found = false; while (location < numElements) { if (elements[location].equals(target)) { found = true; return; } else location++; } }

public boolean remove (T target) // Removes an element e from this collection such that e.equals(target) // and returns true; if no such element exists, returns false. { find(target); if (found) { if (head == location) head = head.getLink(); // remove first node else previous.setLink(location.getLink()); // remove node at location numElements–; } return found; }


protected void find(T target)


location = head;

found = false;

while (location != null)


    if (location.getInfo().equals(target))


      found = true;





      previous = location;

      location = location.getLink();




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