In Chapter 9 10 Of The Textbook We Begin To Look At Molecules And Determine How

In Chapter 9-10 of the textbook, we begin to look at molecules and determine how the atoms in the molecules are arranged. The shape and geometry of molecules determine how they will interact with other molecules. It will also give it different properties, depending on how the atoms are arranged.Please choose one of the following compound below. Please answer the following questions for the compound that you selected: 1) Determine the number of valence electrons for each of the atom in the molecule.2) Determine which atom will be the central atom in the molecule.3) Determine whether the bonds between the atoms will be single bond or double bond.4) Write the Lewis structure for the selected example. (It may be easier to draw it out on paper, scan it, and submit it as a PDF attachment. You can also take a picture of it with your cell phone if you don’t have a scanner.)5) Write the resonance structure for each of the selected example (if there are any resonance structure).6) Predict the geometry (shape) of each of the selected example using the VSEPR model. (You need to explain it. It’s pretty easy to look up the answer on the Internet.) Samples to choose from:1. H2O (water)2. CO2 (carbon dioxide)3. NO2 (nitrogen dioxide)4. CH4 (methane)5. CF4 (carbon tetrafluoride)6. PbF27. HCN8. H2S9. HgCl210. POCl311. SnCl412. NCl313. SOF214. O215. NH3

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