Improving Memory

For this assignment, you are going to think about what you learned in this chapter and put it into practice. Think of a specific aspect of your memory that you would like to improve. Choose from the following: Remembering birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family members Remembering people’s names after meeting them Reducing absentmindedness, such as losing keys or your wallet/purse Then think of a strategy to apply to improve the memory you chose. Strategies could be: Using mnemonics Eliminating distracters and paying closer attention Using multiple methods to encode deeply Making better use of retrieval cues Engaging in active, elaborative rehearsal while reading Applying SQ3R Or any other strategy that you learned in the chapter or in another source Write a short paper (1 page) describing the aspect of memory targeted, the strategy used to help, and any results experienced after application (both positive and negative results). Rubric

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