Importance of Primary Sources in History

How to read a primary source is important in history, read the document,How to Read a Primary SourceActions,then you will choose one document from the list below and complete awritten document analysis handoutActions. (save the file to your computer, then fill out and save file, then Upload to Canvas for submission)Also, read the document 25 questions to ask a primary sourceActions, this will help aid you in all assignments for this course.Choose one of the documents from below: Remember about primary sources, who, what, when, where and whyOration by Frederick Douglass (1876)ActionsSitting Bullsitting-bull-1.pdfActionsBarrow Plantation (March 1881)ActionsCrazy Horse, I Have SpokenActionsGuidelinesActions for how to complete the document analysis handout.MAKE SURE YOU USE THE FORM PROVIDED, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE, DOWNLOAD, SAVE AND FILL OUT FORM AND THEN SAVE AND UPLOAD TO CANVAS, ANYTHING ELSE WILL RESULT IN ZERO.Be sure to watch the videos below on what is a primary source. to an external site.)Links to an external site. to an external site.)

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