Importance of Conserving Natural Resources through Sustainable Practices

Reading about the importance of conserving natural resources through sustainable practices. Ecotourism, sometimes called “sustainable tourism,” is one step people can take toward ecological responsibility When ecotourism is implemented successfully, it: uses the financial gains of tourism to support the conservation and preservation of the environment. encourages businesses in the tourist industry to implement “green” policies and practices in their daily operations.challenges travelers to adopt mindfulness, awareness, and sensitivity to cultural and environmental needs around the world.benefits members of indigenous communities through economic growth.For example, an Alaskan cruise company might take passengers through Glacier Bay National Park and provide facts about glaciers in relation to climate change. Passengers can disembark for a day at ports of call (such as Anchorage, Ketchican, and Skagway) to experience the wildlife and nature in those habitats.

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