IHCC Social Learning Theory in Commercial Advertisements Discussion

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The psychologist RobertCialdini suggests that our tendency to imitate or model the behaviors of others is often exploited by advertisers. For example, when we’re told that a product is the biggest seller, or number one, or the “fastest growing” product of its type, they’re appealing to our desire to imitate what so many others are doing.

Advertisers also pay close attention to the actors they choose to use their products in advertisements, knowing that their attributes have powerful influences on their effectiveness as models.

  • Locate and include a link, include a screenshot image of your computer screen, or scan/attach a document that highlights an advertisement that is attempting to utilize observational learning, in which the person in the ad is the model and the viewer is the target audience whose behavior the advertiser hopes to influence (please note, your advertisement should contain a picture of a person with the product, not just the product by itself).
  • Speculate on what specific attributes of the models may have convinced the advertisers to choose them to “sell” the product, especially considering the target audience (viewership of the advertisement). Note which aspects of Bandura’s research on effective modeling.

-Responded to all points of the blog question content. Summarized ideas thoroughly.

-Writing was clear and well organized, includes APA citation and references.

-Met or exceeded word count (200 words or more).

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