If The Ground State Energy Of The Election In The Hydrogen Atom Is Then The G

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If the ground state energy of the election in the hydrogen atom ! ! ! ) is -_ then the ground state Energy of theElection in the helium ion ( He* } is1 ) A`10 ) — A`/4[ ]- 4A`The radial wave function for the 30 , atomic orbital has one radial made ( + value at which the wave function is zero)which is the same number of radial nodes For the orbitalIsbj 25[ ) 3.0 _ =The requirement that wavefunctions for Elections in atoms and molecules be antisymmetric with respect tointerchange of any pair of elections is1 ) the Pauli exclusion principleI’) the Bom – Oppenheimer approximation" ) the Heisenberg uncertainty principle*`) Hund’s rule*Which one of the following atomic configurations cannot have a triplet spin state?1 ) 1.52.81 ) 25 2[ ) 3 27}dj 1.830The Hamiltonian operator for the helium atom contains two kinetic Energy terms , two nuclear – election attractionterms , and an Election – electron repulsion term . An approximate solution , "^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ZY . of the Schadingerequation for the helium atom can be found if one neglects# ) one of the nuclear- election attractive teITIsby the election – election repulsion teInns" ) one of the kinetic energy termsI) both the the nuclear – election attraction terms

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