I Would Like To Introduce Everyone To The Use Of Apa Standard This Skill Will Co

I would like to introduce everyone to the use of APA standard. This skill will come in handy when preparing written assignments, projects, and conducting research. Please familiarize yourself with the use of the APA style. You are expected to apply it in this course and beyond. Here is what I am recommending to you at this time:

1) Access the following site and review APA documentation: 


2) You are allowed to use any other sources available to gain more knowledge of APA formatting. However, when doing so, please share these sources within your submission.

3) Write a summary of what you have learned in a 1-2 page (s) content, I will look for quality rather than quantity in your submission, which is due no later than May 16 at 11:59 PM EST.


Dr. Tabu

Prof. Angela


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