I Will Pay For The Following Essay Video Games And Violnce The Essay Is To Be 2

I will pay for the following essay Video games and violnce. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

ing intensities of aggressiveness. the ‘Tetrisc’ that was non-aggressive, the ‘Shareware’ that was moderate and the ‘Sega Mega’ that was highly aggressive (Scott 123). The study then measured the aggressiveness before and after exposure. The author hypothesized that participants should present a linear increase in aggressiveness after exposure. However, from his study, he notes that there exists no straightforward correlation of the variable and claims that video games may lack influential effects as most scholars account. Indeed, the author observes that we should not generalize the negative effect of such exposures. He also notes that a critical factor to account for when accessing the influence of these games is individual differences (Scott 131).

The author uses rational methods in developing an informative and a persuasive piece. Initially, the author’s thesis states that the video games exposure and aggressiveness should have a linear correlation. The author manages to examine his thesis effectively by measuring the group’s aggressiveness under varying backgrounds. Changes in the group aggressiveness would signify the effect of exposure on individuals (Ferguson 380). It is common knowledge that an increase in figures would support the author’s thesis. Tactically, when the figures fail to support study’s thesis, the author keenly notes that the games exposure lacks an obvious effect on observed violence. The study’s ground is acceptable since the study utilizes practical measures in examining the subject. Apparently, if video games effects on violence, then we expect to realize a significance difference on the group’s aggressiveness after exposure.

The study employs reliable and persuasive evidence to prove its position. This is evident in the research’s idea of setting the group against games with varying aggressive intensities. As such, we expect to observe maximum aggressiveness when the group is exposed to highly violent video

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