I Will Pay For The Following Essay Vertigo The Essay Is To Be 2 Pages With Three

I will pay for the following essay Vertigo. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

While investigating and trailing her, he discovers that she is suicidal and is suffering from thoughts of committing suicide. Later both of them fall in love with each other and then the protagonist experiences the death of Madeleine as she commits suicide. Later he is cared for by Judy Barton who resembles Madeleine and Scottie once again falls in love and this time he is in love with Barton. He tries to mold Barton and make her look exactly similar to Madeline but later he discovers that Madeleine’s death was a hoax and was a plan by her husband. Later due to an accident Barton dies and the protagonist loses his fear of heights but ends up being heart broken.

The central point that is being discussed in the movie is the attraction as well as fear that are associated with death. Death can cause different emotions within an individual, for example it can result in the emotion of fear or it can even result in the emotion of satisfaction. This is a point that has been quite heavily depicted in the movie. The movie depicts that when an individual himself experiences death or a near death situation, he/she is most likely to experience the emotion of fear (Krueger 53). This was quite evident as when the protagonist of the movie is about to die as he is about to fall from a very tall building. Due to this incident he became so afraid of death by falling that he became afraid of heights and developed a psychological disorder called acrophobia. At the same time movie even depicts that death is a way through which individuals can gain satisfaction and relief from emotional stress. This feeling of satisfaction and emotional relaxation is experienced by those individuals who use death as a tool of revenge (McDougall 121). This is quite clearly depicted within the movie as the protagonist tries to kill Judy who had helped in planning the death of Madeline. Although the protagonist was afraid of death, he counters this fear when he himself

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