I Will Pay For The Following Essay Nms105 1 The Essay Is To Be 5 Pages With Thre

I will pay for the following essay NMS105 1. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The paper concludes by looking into the Regulatory requirements and guidance such as ship registration. It specifically focuses on United Kingdom Ship registration and Small ship register, and Marine Notices.

This is a United Nations’ specialized agency that is accountable for measures for improving the security and safety of global shipping and to thwart marine pollution by ships (Balkin, 2006). This agency serves several purposes while striving to safeguard marine shipping. First, it seeks to ensure cooperation among governments regarding all kinds of technical matters that affect shipping in global trade. The second function is it serves to encourage the overall adoption of the best practicable principles about navigation efficiency, maritime safety, and control and prevention of marine pollution. Thirdly, IMO serves to facilitate the removal of needless restrictions and discriminatory action by governments that take part in international trade, to uphold the accessibility of shipping services to international trade without discrimination (Oxman, 1995). Fourthly, this agency has a purpose to consider issues relating to unfair practices in shipping as well as any issues about shipping that may require the attention of the IMO by the UN organ.

This is a United Kingdom agency that seeks to prevent loss of lives in marine transport at sea. It is responsible for the implementation of the international and the British maritime safety policy and law (Hetherington, Flin & Mearns, 2006). Its main roles are, to coordinate search and rescue in the sea with the help of her majesty’s coastguards, watching and preventing water pollution at the coastal sea. It also guarantees that ships meet the United Kingdom and the international safety standards, and issuing and testing merchant navy certificates of proficiency among the crew and ship’s officers. The

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