I Will Pay For The Following Essay Interview Process For Movie Theater General M

I will pay for the following essay Interview Process for Movie Theater General Manager. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The general manager will be mainly involved in overseeing administrative areas such as staffing, customer service, and daily operations (Suttle, 2013). The general manager will display team work while ensuring superior customer experience and encouraging profitability of the theatre.

A structured interview will be conducted in order to assess and evaluate the compatibility of a candidate. The interview will have behavioral structured questions that will aim to assess the knowledge and skills of a particular candidate to test his or her compatibility with the roles and responsibilities required by the position. In addition the structured interview will focus on evaluating the behavioral aspect of a candidate’s personality beyond eligibility. This will enable the identification of a candidate that is fit for the position.

The structured interview will be used to assess an individual’s candidacy by keeping the job requirements as a standard. As such it will be designed such that the questions will relate to specific job requirements. The questions will also allow deeper behavioral aspects of a candidate to surface in different mock situations required as part of a general manager at a theatre. The job analysis will be an underlying factor shaping the interview questions. More specifically the interview questions will be structured and inquire about an individual’s background in arts, theatre, and business. It will also aim to test the knowledge of an individual in key business concepts such as cash budgeting, forecasting, etcetera, where the candidate will have to demonstrate his or her knowledge and skills. Additionally, some scenario-based questions will be asked that assess the candidate’s behavior and actions given particular hypothetical questions (Bell, 1999. Arizona Human Resources, 2013). Past experience will also be asked to be described and/or demonstrated through specific examples.

The recruitment will be conducted

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