I Will Pay For The Following Essay Beethovens Hair The Essay Is To Be 4 Pages Wi

I will pay for the following essay Beethovens Hair. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Along with these theories of Beethoven’s music composition style, number of theories are being put forward and even tested by the researchers on what exactly caused deafness in him. It was around 1800s, by the age of 26, when Beethoven began lose hearing in both his ears. Initially, he suffered from a serious form of ear disease called Tinnitus, because of which he mainly heard ‘ringing’ sound in his ears, thereby making it difficult for him to hear the music. Then, over time, mainly around early 1820s, his hearing loss became more intense, with Beethoven not able to even acknowledge the tumultuous applause, which he received from a huge crowd at a concert, as he was not facing the crowd and mainly because he was not able to hear it. (Colles and Grove). Although, he gave up conducting public concerts, he continued to compose and that resulted in many of his celebrated works.

The exact cause of his deafness is unknown, but based on the study of old literature and importantly on the current researches being conducted by prestigious institutions, certain probable causes are being put forward. In addition, the recovery of Beethoven’s hair and advanced testing of it including Forensic testing have unlocked details about various facets of his life, particularly the physical as well as social factors, which could have contributed to his deafness. “Scientists tested a lock of Beethovens hair in hopes that, at last, the world would have explanation for the composers deafness.” (Martin and Nibley 30). Before this testing was done, various causes was attributed to his hearing loss and that included otosclerosis or abnormal growth of bone in his inner ear, typhus, syphilis and lead poisoning. Among these four causes, the first two were discounted earlier or could not be proved, with the later two being discussed through current researches. Otosclerosis is a disease which happens when there is “new bone formation either in the area of

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