I Will Pay For The Following Essay B322 Investigating Entrepreneurial Opportunit

I will pay for the following essay B322 Investigating entrepreneurial opportunities. The essay is to be 19 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

However the treatments are frequently conducted over a fairly long period of time and at considerable expense. The acupressure complimentary treatment centre deploys modern technology in order to provide complimentary health benefits at an affordable price to the general public.

The target market is the general public. Competitors are complimentary treatment centres and individual practices and also allopathic general medical treatment centres and individual practices. Also to a lesser degree health spas and beauty salons.

Acupressure is a derivative of acupuncture which out of all the complimentary healing systems is the most recognised. In particular acupressure has the advantage over acupuncture in that no needles are used in the treatment plan. The acupressure centre will employ state of the art technology to derive benefits similar to acupressure to its customers, however at a much more competitive price and in a manner which allows for considerable longer and more frequent treatments than provided for by the traditional acupressure practices.

I have considerable commercial experience combined with a long term interest and experience of complementary medicine. While I believe in complimentary medicine I find the present practice of complimentary medicine to be laborious and expensive. By leveraging my commercial experience I believe I can create a unique twist on the present complimentary health offering.

Question 2 Prepare a report of up to 1,200 words addressed to your tutor. Describe the main features of the competitive market in which you intend to do business and explain how and why your idea will be innovative. Explain clearly what particular innovation or market gap your idea addresses and what benefits it will offer to your target customers. Explain how you will acquire or develop the skills necessary for successfully launching your idea. You should take into account: l the concepts covered in the

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