I Will Pay For The Following Essay Analyzing Of Organs For Sale The Essay Is To

I will pay for the following essay Analyzing of Organs for Sale. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Paying people for offering their kidneys would increase donors and this would save lives as opposed to waiting and wishing to get people to donate their kidneys voluntarily at no cost. The author poses a great question to support her argument that, if it is legal and right to pay men for giving out or donating sperm, why then is it hard to pay people for donating kidney? This question helps readers to think critically about why it would be great to donate body organs to save the society. The author concludes her article that, legalizing organ selling would benefit the society by saving thousands of lives.

Overall, the article is great in content as the author does an outstanding job at giving facts to reinforce her points and convince readers why they should believe in her argument. The article creates a platform for readers to understand various benefits that would emerge in a society if the government regulated and emulated organ selling. This would save lives and eradicate the high rate of poverty especially in third world countries. From these points, it is evident that organ selling would be profitable for health and economic purposes. Additionally, the article is well-written and documented with facts that many people suffer from kidney disorders. For instance, the article highlights that over 300, 000 Americans suffer from kidney disorder. Unfortunately, most victims die since there are no drugs that revive a damaged kidney rather than replacing another kidney. At this point, the author argues that kidney transplantation is the best option to cure the disorder since it is reliable and safer than other treatment that may negatively affect the patients’ body. These facts outlay the benefits of kidney transplantation and why many people should opt for the idea.

In great thoughts, the author uses facts to support her argument. For instance, she brings into attention that there is a surplus of kidneys especially in third countries

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