I Will Pay For The Following Essay Analyzing Language The Essay Is To Be 2 Pages

I will pay for the following essay Analyzing Language. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

He therefore succeeds in being both assertive and courteous: firm and polite, and forthright and respectful, all in one breathe.

In my opinion, a good citizen is one who puts the interest of society before his own. and is ready to champion a course for the common good, without necessarily seeking for personal profit. Dr King has his objectives set beyond his immediate society to global concerns. Though his primary motivation is the liberation of the African-American, he uses this opportunity to go further to other people’s concerns- Jews, Asians, South Americans, Caribbeans and Africans. This concern for and awareness of global issues makes him a global citizen of sorts.

Dr. King is accommodative of other people. Even as he accuses the whites of injustice, he admits that there are some who partner with him in his course. “Some, like Ralph McGill …, have written about our struggle in eloquent, prophetic, and understanding terms.” (King Jr., pg 4). He concedes that some whites have suffered with them in jail, police brutality and being branded “dirty nigger lovers.” (King Jr., pg 4). As a good citizen, he does not condemn the entire white race, but wisely singles out the “moderate brothers” (King Jr., pg 4) whom he addresses. Besides, he condemns the “white church”, but concedes that “there are some notable exceptions.” (King Jr., pg 5)

Dr. King is a mediator and an advocate for non-violence. He stands “… in the middle of two opposing forces”. On one end are the complacent and insensitive African-Americans. and on the other, the extreme African American who is at the verge of violence in the course of fighting for their rights. The complacent African-Americans have been so subjected to oppression “… that they have adjusted to segregation,” (King, Jr. Pg 4) while the extremist African-Americans have been so frustrated by racism that they “…have lost faith in America.” (King Jr. Pg 4). As a good citizen, he

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