I Will Pay For The Following Essay Analyze A Catholic Mass The Essay Is To Be 3

I will pay for the following essay Analyze a Catholic Mass. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The priest used incense to reverence the alter before each one of the ministers proceeded to their seats but remained standing.

The priest greeted the congregation “in the name of the father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” to which people responded by chanting the same words and making the sign of the cross, followed by “Amen”. The priest proceeded to speaks the words of the grace to which the congregation responded.

Part of the mass involved the blessing and sprinkling of water. The priest made a brief prayer thanking God for the gift of water and asking Him to bless the water in the name of “Christ our Lord” to which the congregation responded with an “Amen”. The priest proceeded to sprinkle the blessed water on the congregation using what looked like a flywhisk. As he did this, the congregation engaged in singing a song. The conclusion of this rite was marked by a brief chant or prayer from the priest asking God to cleanse our since and worthy to partake of heavenly riches. Part of the mass involved reciting of the acclamations “Lord have mercy” and the singing of the song “Glory to God in the highest”. After singing and chanting the songs, someone went to read the bible for the first reading and a minister read the second reading. Between the readings, the congregation engaged in singing a psalm. The priest then proceeded to elaborate on the scriptures that had been read followed by the proclamation of faith which involved the chanting of the apostle’s creed. The priest presided over the Eucharist which involved the breaking of break, Holy Communion, prayer, meditation and singing. The mass ended with the priest proclaiming a blessing upon the faithful.

The Catholic mass involves a lot of rights and rituals which fall within the seven dimensions of religion that were postulated by Ninian Smart. Smart noted that the dimensions of religion include

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