I Will Pay For The Following Essay Analysis Case With Economics Theory The Essay

I will pay for the following essay Analysis case with economics theory. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

m a one-on-one interaction both between the students and with their tutors and employment opportunities that arise from physical learning institutions.

Starting off with the costs, basic classroom learning doesn’t require any special equipment besides the usual paper and pen for the majority of the courses. Most campuses offer accommodation cheaply for their students besides subsidized meals. These ensure the costs are kept down so that more and more people can have the privilege of accessing university education. Compared to online learning, lots of costs are incurred with reference to high-speed internet costs, powerful computers and having to rent a house at high costs if one isn’t lucky enough to study from home.

The advantage of having many students enables economies of scale and thus most costs can be cut for affordability’s sake. It is an advantage in the sense that students stay on the campus and focus on studying and developing other skills being aware that their other needs are taken care of.

My second point for classroom learning is a lack of interaction among the students themselves and between the students and their teachers (Filimban 66). This leads to the students not developing their mental capabilities beyond what they know due to less challenges and the tendency to have ‘closed minds.’ Compared to classroom learning where students get to share ideas freely thus enhancing thinking capacities and developing better personalities through socializing with others, online learning only aims to impart knowledge and little else. It should thus be left to specialized graduates who have already developed their characters accordingly and need the special knowledge to further their professions.

Online learning removes the natural and traditional hands-on experience where one learns through practical settings that ensure the lessons are absorbed and kept well. The fact that classroom learning brings the students into direct contact with their

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