I Will Pay For The Following Essay Analyses Of Characteristics Of Bread Made Fro

I will pay for the following essay Analyses of characteristics of bread made from chestnut flour using standard method. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

It is also seen that addition of chestnut flour helps in increasing sugar content therefore bread prepared from combination of chestnut flour and whole meal flour had more sugar content than whole meal flour bread. Results of odor test, taste test, smell test, triangle test and hedonic test establishes that bread prepared from combination of the healthier gluten-free chest-nut flour and gluten added whole meal flour or rice flour were better alternatives than breads baked solely by using 100% flour of any kind. Thus, combination of flours helps in making bread with enhanced characteristics in appearance taste, smell and health.

Bread forms an integral part of our everyday diet. The choice of bread that is made has an impact on the consumer’s health. History of bread baking goes back almost 30,000 years. At first man was not familiar with the leavening process and produced flat bread. However along with passage of time leavening agents were discovered which helped the rising of the bread. The most common leavening agent was yeast. Using of leavening agent made the bread softer and enhanced sensory properties and therefore the use of leavening agents is widely used today (Yeh et al, 2009).Thus now when one thinks of bread, automatically one imagines a spongy, well risen loaf. The key element responsible for the sponginess of texture and the rising of the bread is gluten, a protein. Gluten is also the structure binding agent that helps the baked bread acquire higher volume (Anton & Artifield, 2008). There exist a wide number of flours that includes gluten in them. However, research has shown that this seemingly essential component of bread has adverse health impacts on human health. It affects different systems of the body including the hormonal, neurological, and digestive and the immune system and causes a number of problems. Some people have developed allergy

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