I Need To Write The Chemical Equations For The Entire Lab There At About 4 Or So

I need to write the chemical equations for the entire lab there at about 4 or so. for example sodium aluminate

solution made from dissolving sodium aluminate in naoh and the sodium silicate solution added to the sodium aluminate solution  giving our zeolite type A and so on to part 2,3,4 samplex and sample xx reactions . and I need to provide the percent yield for my zeolite my mass found experimentally is 0.72 grams zeolite.

The balanced chemical reaction for the formation of Zeolite-A is given below : 2 NaAlO2 + 2Na28i03.5H20 ———:> Na2Al28i208. 4.5H20 + 4Na0H + 3.5 H20andwe have moles ofNaAlO2 = 0.016 moles…

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