I Need This By Tomorrow 12

Business Model You, Chapter 2 & 3 (Safari Books Online)

Tool:  Personal Branding Canvas by BigName.it

Week 4 GoTo Training Session (see FSO activities for Week 4)

Article:  Personal Branding for Dummies Cheat Sheet by Susan Chritton

Recap! Personal Branding for Dummies,  Chapter 7 “Crafting Your Personal Brand Profile” (Safari Books Online)

Video: Personal Branding Interview with William Arruda hosted by Ryan Mickley (YouTube) 

Article:  Build a Successful Brand: Five Ways to Get SMART When Setting Goals by ThePersonalBrandingBlog.com

Video: SMART Goals – Quick Overview by DecisionSkills (YouTube)

Optional: SMART Goals Udemy Course: Achieve More in Less Time Using SMART Goals by Dr. Richard Feenstra


Part 1:

After reading Chapters 2 and 3 of Business Model You, and watching the GoTo Training session for Week 4, you will be ready to create your Personal Brand Canvas, the one-page solution to tracking your personal brand progress and keeping your brand promises. The adoption of a canvas or one-page business model is a growing trend in business development. This may come as no surprise considering the shrinking attention span of society and the demand for quick, concise messages to cut through the digital noise. This snapshot of your overarching business model can help investors determine their interest in your business or, in our case, help our audience (and ourselves) determine whether or not we are delivering on our brand promises.

As an adaptation of the Business Model You concept, you will create your own one-page solution to tracking your personal brand progress and brand promises. An Italian-based consulting firm, BigName, provides an excellent example of how to apply the Business Model You concepts to a Personal Brand Canvas. 

In the Download section below, you will find a keynote template to help you complete your Personal Brand Canvas. Each slide highlights a section of the Canvas for you to fill in your answers. Take one slide at a time and replace the instructional bullet points with your answers. You will notice that many of these elements have already been covered throughout the activities in this Course. If you have been completing each activity you should have no trouble quickly completing your Personal Brand Canvas. The final slide is designed for you to copy and paste your bullet points into each section, giving you a one-page snapshot of your personal brand. 

  1. Download the keynote presentation template. 
  2. Replace the instructional bullet points on each slide with your answers.
  3. Copy and paste your bullet points into each section on the Personal Brand Canvas. 
  4. Save and submit your keynote presentation with your Personal Brand Canvas.

Part 2:

Create three (3) SMART goals you want to achieve for your personal brand. Determine at least one short-term goal that must be achieved by the time you reach the portfolio 2 course, one medium-term goal to be achieved within the next 6-12 months and one long-term goal to be achieved within the next 1-2 years that will each enhance your personal brand.

For each goal, identify at least two (2) tactics you will use to reach that goal (see student example in the download section below). Start by evaluating what efforts you currently have in place.

You will be submitting two (2) files for this assignment. Submit a Keynote presentation that showcases your personal brand canvas using the required keynote template. Also, submit a Word document (PDF and Pages are not accepted) outlining a minimum of three (3) goals and at least two (2) tactic to reach each goal.


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