I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment What Did Marx Learn From Rousseau A

I need some assistance with these assignment. what did marx learn from rousseau and how did he shift the political thought Thank you in advance for the help! Political theorists have waged too small notice to the role of literature and the arts in the shaping of political ideals, and of no period is this truer than Rousseau’s. This is a great shame, for “conceptions of the nature and reason of art intimately similar man’s conceptions of himself and of his fate, and they talk to us in ways far more forceful than abstract theory can do. Critics, when annoying to trace the reason for contemporary political evils, frequently say “Its Rousseaus fault.” In a sense they are correct, but it is more general right to say that the fault lies with an entire multifaceted of popular ideas that were already working influential changes on the public mind from side to side art, literature, and poetry. As it is true that the whole modern democracy group has been permanently shaped by the information of Rousseau that is partial since he so efficiently uttered assumptions that were rising in his time and gave them lasting political expression. They were facts concerning the nature of liberty and democracy that were distorted, and used by others, such as Robespierre, in ways that certainly would have surprised Rousseau. But it is for their vulnerability to use in such a way that they must be studied. Rousseau’s political facts were at once naive, “mystical,” and socialist. (Orwin, 2003, pp 57-61)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s extremely public defection from the position of France’s eighteenth-century philosophes has enthused a huge deal of scholarly argument concerning his association with the explanation. He truthfully rejects the explanation itself or was he just a touchy and suspicious character whose long follow of out of order friendships gave the delusion of an important thinker break that never actually took place.

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