I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment Trends In Video Games And Gaming Th

I need some assistance with these assignment. trends in video games and gaming Thank you in advance for the help! Quotations: “Games and gaming have evolved from dedicated, single-game units to massively multiplayer online role-player games with millions of players.” “Games are an exciting way to communicate and connect with a larger community of likeminded people. Rich mobile games, combined with connected near distance multiplayer gaming over Bluetooth and wide area gaming using cellular networks, opens the door for totally new gaming concepts.”

Summary: This article provides a comprehensive comparative analysis of conventional learning methods and the modern technology-based approaches, with a particular interest in the use of games. The author discusses several aspects that constitute ideal learning situations. This article further indicates that shared graphical settings such as those utilized in multiple-user internet games are likely to be the ideal learning environments in the future. The paper is also indicative of the fact that games technology provides visualizations with sophistication and dynamism that could only be produced with supercomputers in the past.

Assessment: This article is a highly informative source for my prospective research since it compares traditional and modern technology-based methods. As a result, it provides a platform for proving that learning using modern technologies like multi-user games is more advantageous than conventional learning. The author presents this argument in a systematic hence coherent manner and at the same time cites previous research in the subject. Citing relevant literature and inclusion of statistical data makes the article a credible source.

Quotations: “Visualizations, best referred to as immersive worlds, can bring a student into and through any environment that&nbsp.can be imagined. Instead of learning about a subject by listening to a lecture or by processing page-based alphanumerics, students can enter and explore a screen-based simulated world that is the next-best thing to reality.”&nbsp.

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