I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment The United States In Radical Vietna

I need some assistance with these assignment. the united states in radical vietnamese anti-colonial discourse Thank you in advance for the help! Historians maintain that the US commitment to its occupation of Vietnam and the conflict that ensued was driven by the cold-war agenda. (Bradley, 299-329) During the Cold War era which followed the Second World War and endured to the 1990s, the US and its allies were committed to containing the spread of socialism which invariably meant decolonizing those states occupied and controlled by countries such as China and the Soviet Union. (Bradley, 299-329) At the very least the West was committed to stifling the spread of communism.

Vietnam would become a focal point when the country was left divided following the collapse of France’s long colonization of the region. Having fought for independence, the Vietnamese defeated the French despite US military aid to the latter. Following the French withdrawal from Vietnam in 1954 the nation was divided into North and South Vietnam. What followed was a struggle between South Vietnamese rebels who were backed by communist China and the Soviet Union. The North was supported by U.S. military aid although the U.S. troops did not enter Vietnam until 1965. (Duam and Gardner, 124-150)

At the Geneva Accords held in 1954 the ceasefire agreement ended with the division of Vietnam at the 17th Parallel, a temporary measure intended to come to an end in 1956 when national elections would unify the nation. (Moyar, 32-59) In North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh established a socialist government called the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. (Moyar, 32-59) A non-communist governance was set up in the South under former Emperor Boa Dai, a man considered to be largely under the control of the French and the Japanese. Dai took office as a Prime Minister. (Moyar, 32-59)

The US appointed Ngo Diem as South Vietnam’s president who refused to call elections at the slated time in 1956. The US justified this refusal by referencing the domino theory which was the hallmark of US foreign policy. (Herring, 46-79) Dwight Eisenhower’s Administration&nbsp.coined the term domino effect to reflect a fear that if communism was not contained it could spread with the result that it would end up infiltrating America.&nbsp.

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