I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment The Social Construction Of Sexualit

I need some assistance with these assignment. the social construction of sexuality, homophobia as a weapon of sexism, and masculinity as homophobia Thank you in advance for the help! The postmodern era is widely acknowledged as the age of liberalization. Liberalization in every aspect of human life, starting from economic to political, from social to psychological has received the highest importance. Unfortunately, as we all know there is always a huge gap between theory and practice, even in this era of postmodernity, maintaining such a gap in certain aspects of human life is encouraged. Sexuality or the idea of sexuality is one such aspect, where maintaining the gap between theory and practice is encouraged, consciously or unconsciously, starting from common societal level to intellectual plain. Sexuality is essentially an idea that has been formed by the society. Notion of the Western World about sexuality is based on the ‘the Christian equation of sexuality with sin, which must be redeemed through making babies.’ (Hubbard, 2003, p.65)

The prevalent social conception about sexuality is that it must be aimed at procreation. Sexual orientation must have only a single form and people are strictly discouraged by the society from being involved in any other form of sexual orientation or pleasure other than heterosexuality. A child is taught in a completely different way about sex and sexuality by his/her parents or people around him. But the idea developed by him/her about sex and sexuality is completely in contradiction with the idea of sexuality that he develops in his mind. On one hand, a child is taught by his/her parents that sexuality is directed towards one goal and that is to become father and mother. But, when they step into their adolescence the entire society and its diverse cultural experience encourage their fantasy to enjoy sexual pleasure with their counterparts. Due to such consequences we are seeing, “Teenagers do not act “responsibly” – teenage pregnancies and abortions are on the rise and teenage fathers do not acknowledge and support their partners and babies.

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