I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment The Role Of A Phlebotomist Thank Yo

I need some assistance with these assignment. the role of a phlebotomist Thank you in advance for the help! Therefore, the responsibilities of a phlebotomist in any healthcare organization are to explain to the patients about the procedures to be undertaken, encourage patients in case they are worried, draw the blood into a tube by inserting a hypodermic needle in the vain, dress the puncture created by the needle, mark the blood sample, deliver the blood sample within the stipulated time and ensuring that the records are complete and data entered in a computer. A Phlebotomist needs also to ensure that any lab tools are disposed of correctly (Stein 2).

As a phlebotomist, an individual needs to follow several ethical roles. He or she needs to handle the patient with a lot of care and respect. A phlebotomist should constantly communicate with patients and do his or her best so as to avoid harming the patients. It is also ethical for phlebotomists to ensure that they are in a good relationship with their co-workers. Phlebotomists are supposed to treat their peers with a lot of kindness and respect. The guidelines, rules, and regulations formulated by an employer should be followed strictly by a phlebotomist (McCall 150).


From the discussion, it is clear that the major function of a phlebotomist is to draw blood specimens from patients. It is also evident that there are several ethical roles of a phlebotomist. The phlebotomist should handle his or her patients with care, relate well with co-workers and follow the formulated rules, regulations and guidelines.

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