I Need Help Wring A Synthesis Paper For My Class The Paper Need To Be About What

I need help wring a synthesis paper for my class, the paper need to be about what we have learned in the class so

far, all the skill builders that we have done so far in the class is attached to help with the paper and also all the instructions about the paper are attached, like how many words and what format it needs to be in, we have covered the following topics in the course so far (1) strategic planning, (2) the role of the CEO, (3) firm performance, and (4) the nature of business itself. In addition, we will have explored how the role of organizational functional areas (such as finance and marketing, among many others) interact and contribute to the organization; and how the firm interacts with larger social, legal, and business environments.Your Synthesis Paper might encompass the entirety of the course, attempting to synthesis the essence of strategic management, CEO influence, and firm performance. Your paper might attempt to synthesize the different paradigms of strategic management presented in the course. Your paper may speak to your personal experience with strategic planning or CEOs, or your ambitions and emotions related to becoming a CEO. Or you may attempt to focus on one of the following questions. What is strategic management and how does it relate to firm performance or sustainability? How does it relate to employee or individual happiness? What are the most important issues, advantages, and challenges facing those aspiring to be a CEO? The specific topic of your synthesis paper is entirely up to you as long as it synthesizes the materials taught in this course.  The paper can be about any of these topics. The template is attached for the paper.

Running head: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Strategic ManagementBy (Name)Institution 1 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 2Strategic Management Strategic management involves formulation and implementation of major…

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