I Need Help With Summerative Assessment 2 Bsbflm306 In A 500 Word Report Discuss

I Need help with Summerative assessment 2 BSBFLM306

In a 500 word report discuss the impact that technology has had on the sourcing of information, the accuracy and speed of available information as well as the ability of organisations to store and retrieve data. Comment on the policies, procedures and processes that are needed in an organisation to govern the use of such systems.

Report should reflect an understanding that computerised systems can greatly enhance capability but that they also come at a cost to an organisation (initial purchase, maintenance etc) and that they must be supported by organisational policies and procedures if their maximum benefit is to be gained.

Part 2

You are the team leader for a group of seven staff who are in the accounting section of a large manufacturer. A lot of the work of your team involves printing and mailing invoices to customers. The printer that your team currently uses is old and frequently jams causing delays and much frustration. Write a requisition request for a new printer.

The request should include:

  • name and position of the person to who the report will be submitted
  • the existing problem—including recorded evidence of the problem
  • estimated resource needs and usage for the next three years
  • your recommended solution
  • explanation of how you gathered the information required to make your recommendation, eg sought three quotes
  • the cost of the solution
  • how you have consulted with your team on this matter
  • benefits to the company of adopting the recommendation

Your requisition should be approximately 2 pages in length.

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