I Need Help Creating A Thesis And An Outline On Enhance The Performance Of An At

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Enhance the Performance of an Athlete by Using Different Techniques of Psychology. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The problem has been so severe that coaches internationally have shown great interest in the field of sport psychology particularly in the area of competitive anxiety to tackle the problem effectively. Selk (2008) believes that the athletes of any country are its most valued assets and a country cannot let go of them just because of fear of competition and excessive stress and anxiety.

Sheridon (2010) states that sports psychology is the study based on finding out techniques that the athletes can use to control anxiety on the field and maximize their true potential when it is needed the most. These techniques are basically designed to help the athletes relax and perform well on the field. Often athletes do exceptionally well during practice sessions but lose momentum on the final day, which surely is disheartening not just for the individual athletes but the whole team. Sports psychology helps the athletes to focus positively on the preparation of the game and play it well. It also keeps them away from drugs and other hyper energy raising pills that usually lead to aggression and high blood pressure.

For an athlete to be successful in the practical world he does not just need the talent but also a strong will to take that talent far and get his credit acknowledged worldwide. Weinberg (2006) states that according to sports psychology an athlete should have attributes of the 4 C’s namely confidence, control, concentration, and commitment. It is said that an athlete that possesses all 4 C’s is bound to succeed. Martens (2004) defines confidence to be the ability of an athlete to distinguish oneself from the crowd and know where he excels. Control refers to the ability to control oneself emotionally and not get distracted by other happenings. Often players are intentionally distracted and manipulated to hamper their progress and a true athlete must possess the ability to rise through difficult situations and emerge as a winner. Loehr (1995) states that concentration is the&nbsp.ability of an athlete to stay focused during the game.&nbsp.

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