I Need A Research Done And It Is 20 Pages

I need a research done and it is 20 pages.

Market screening attempts to eliminate less desirable country markets

The  model assumes the firm (or product line) is not already in the countries being screened

Countries are the unit of analysis. Segment screening examines groups of consumers, organizations, or industries

Initial screening: basic need potential

Is there a market?

2nd screening: financial and economic forces

market indicators (size, growth)

market factors (demand)


3rd screening: political and legal forces

Are there entry barriers?

 – Can profits be repatriated?

– Are policies stable?

4th screening: sociocultural forces

Will there be consumer resistance to our product or company?

5th screening: competitive forces

– What is the nature of the competition in this market?

Final selection: personal visits

Field trips, government sponsored trade missions and fairs

Local research

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