I Need A Report About The Data Center And What We Can Benefit From Them All Requ

I need a report about the data center and what we can benefit from them. All required information are below. Let me know if you need more information on this. If I can please have this by the end of day Thursday, would be great. Thank you.

Data Center  

The data center at Smith’s Information Services was created in the mid-1980s and has grown very rapidly. Mainframes were installed first, followed by AS400s, and then servers that were rack mounted. Disk storage, at one time, was at a premium, but has since gone down in price. Cooling for the data center has gone up as more and more servers and disks were installed. This cost, along with the electricity cost to run all of the devices in the data center, has Bob Smith worried that the cost of doing business is getting out of control.

Along with the rising hardware and software costs, the number of employees needed to run this data center has grown considerably. The cost of running a data center 24/7 is becoming rather large, and this is another issue that Bob Smith is concerned about at the moment. The growth potential for the organization is very positive, which means that more data will be stored, which will result in higher costs in all areas of the data center unless cost savings are found.

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