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The strategic fit between innovation strategies and business environment in delivering business performance:

This paper looks at the job business environments (as far as dynamism and intensity) as possibility factors which influence the adequacy of various kinds of innovation procedures (as far as item and procedure) in conveying business execution.

The procedures of innovation of the associations must offer a reaction both to the capriciousness of the business sectors and to the current open doors these days (Prajogo 2016).   The world has transformed, it is never again equivalent to a couple of years prior, where everything was significantly more steady and unsurprising. There are presently a progression of external factors that compel associations to deal with their procedures in an unexpected way, in a substantially more open way.

Imaginative movement and its management from an inner viewpoint, that is, to acquire a superior comprehension of this wonder of innovation as a procedure and not as a last outcome, which will at last be reflected in better products, forms or in an expansion of licenses and, obviously, in more noteworthy aggressiveness.

The idea of innovation has had a few implications after some time. In the time of the fifties it was considered as the aftereffect of separated analysts, and now it has been changed into a system procedure arranged to the goals of issues that has its primary event in the market, which suggests relationships.

•           Product innovation comprises in the formation of new products or administrations, or in the enhancement of the attributes, highlights and nature of existing ones.

•           Process innovation includes the presentation of new generation forms or the change of existing ones, and its fundamental goal is to diminish costs.

•           Marketing innovation is the use of another advertising technique that includes noteworthy changes in the plan or bundling of an item, its situating, its advancement or its estimating.

•           Organizational innovation is the presentation of another hierarchical technique in practices, the association of the working environment or the external relations of the organization.

Innovation is unexpected and can fluctuate from association to association as indicated by the nation or industry in which it is found, size, system and its very own imaginative experience. In a few firms innovation is related with the presentation of a solitary and exceptional change, while in others innovations are created through dynamic changes that are at long last piece of a noteworthy change.

Innovation is a procedure gone for taking care of issues that has its primary event in the market, which is intuitive (includes formal and casual relationships between various operators), diversified learning and includes the trading of inferred and express information.

Acquiring accomplishment in the management of innovation infers producing a culture identified with innovation that enables organizations to recognize the key factors that portray this procedure and that can be delegated inner and external to the organization itself.

Confronting the part as a rule, to contend at a global dimension, it should concentrate on reinforcing the key elements for its aggressiveness and face the difficulties presented by the national and universal setting. Innovation in the segment has been a way to look for and discover options in contrast to issues identified with the plan, advancement and utilization of new advances and imaginative and ecological materials.

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