I M Needing Help With A Imersion Project I Have Provided The Instructions Below

I’m needing help with a imersion project. I have provided the instructions below. The population I will be studying is the LGBT culture. This paper has to be 8-10 pages long. Please read the instructions and follow to a tee.


Submit a written narrative of your immersion activities. The paper will be 8-10 pages long (typed, double-spaced, 12 point font), This paper must include the following elements: • Identification and Description of LGBT Population: This section must clearly identify the population you will be studying, how this population is different from you (Im heterosexual), and what your perceptions of this group are at this point in life (I dont have anything against this population, but this is not right w/God). The description of differences should include both the obvious (visible differences, etc.)(I dont look gay) and the not so obvious (religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.). Please state all the differences you can identify. Your perceptions of this group should include information such as what you were told about this group as you were growing up(they will not get into heaven), any beliefs/perceptions/assumptions you have about this group(This is not right with God, they are lost, they were violated and have turned to same sex), what your sources of information about this group have been in the past(sorces of information have been from my parents and Pastor), and why you have an interest in this group(I have a few friends that are LGBT and they seem content, why?). In this section, you must make a case for how this person is different from you and why this experience will be challenging for you.

Please if you have questions please just dont assume reach out to me. This paper is worth 3/4 of my grade and I just dont have the time. 

Prof. Angela


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