I Just Need The Attached Paper Revised This Is The Teachers Feedback Please See

I just need the attached paper revised. This is the teachers feedback: Please see the attached paper & please

follow the instructors feedback.

Below is her feedback.

Note 1 – did you see any mention of the use of estimates? Perhaps affecting different areas of the business? What specific subsidiaries? (it’s important in a global organization).

Note 2 – very good, you mentioned revenue recognition, but how are they handling the new revenue recognition rules? Is it mentioned? How about capitalized software? How about contingencies and commitments? Did you see anything? Do they talk about policies in relation to estimating assets? What about debt? Do they mention any significant policy? 

Note 5 – Do they have any uncertainties currently related to deferred taxes? Any unresolved tax issues? You mentioned reserves, can you be more specific? Is there any tax carryforwards they think might not be realized? 

Note 6 – what method do they use to value this? Is there mention of anything about an option-pricing model? Do you think the plan assets are under funded or over funded? 

Note 7 – you mentioned “has acquired two plants in PAS and PBG.” Your reader may not know what those acronyms stand for. Is there any associated liability to any suppliers in the event of any nonpayment?

Note 10 – I’m glad you spotted they use derivative hedging instrument for risk management. Is there any mention of a plan to manage impairment investment value? If so, could we consider this a possible change needing to be made in a valuation of those financial instruments? Do you see any investments at risk for being called back?

Running head: PEPSICO 1 PepsiCoTanya MoschettiIntermediate Accounting 2Mrs. Reynolds PEPSICO 2 Note 1-Basis of Presentation and our divisionsThe PepsiCo includes the consolidated accounts of…

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