I Have A 9 Year Old Grandson Who We Have Not Seen In Approximately 7 Years

I have a 9 year old grandson who we have not seen in approximately 7 years. The reason in a nutshell was that his Daddy got custody and his paternal grandmother convinced the father that we were trying to secretly adopt the child. (Really cannot be done, by the way and nothing was further from the truth.) For all these years, our Grandson (we will call him Joe) only knew two family members: His Father and Grandmother. The Grandmother is very emotional, very manipulative, and does not understand boundaries. She uses anger and aggression manipulate (she has a police record). 

When Joe would visit Grandmother, he would come home angry and with “an attitude.” He would yell and have emotional outbursts. About a year ago, Father becomes estranged from the Grandmother.

A few months ago, we have been reunited with Joe. He is a delightful boy who craves family attention. Joe has won citizenship awards at school and makes friends easily. However, when Joe reunited with us and spend a week at our house, he would have an angry outburst, yell, and throw things when situations did not go exactly as he wanted. This would happen even if it was a minor thing like putting his shoes on while watching cartoons. His father claims he has these issues at home but not often. 

How would you go about correcting this behavior? I will share our experience in a day or two.

Prof. Angela


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