I Am Trying To Right A Memo Of That Should Be About Page And Half At Least The Q

I am trying to right a memo of that should be about page and half at least

the question and

some notes are below so the topic is about engineering geology stuff so make sure you talk about engineering geology stuff

the place that iam trying to write about is in Massachusetts,USA

Question: The third field trip will be to the East Portal of the Housac Tunnel. You will need to produce a short memorandum describing the significance of each stop. The stops are listed below:

  1. Retaining wall on Zoar Road (drive by observation)
  2. East Portal of the Housac Tunnel
  3. Site of the former crib dam and air compression mill

Some note of that trip : Retaining wall buckling because of settlement of aggregates behind wall, exerting large force on wall. Difficult to compact behind wall.Surname 1Student’s NameProfessor’s NameCourseDate Surname 2TO: ProfessorFROM: StudentDATE: April 28, 2017SUBJECT: Engineering Geology Third Field TripIntroductionThis is to inform all…

Prof. Angela


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