I Am Totally Struggling With English And All These Essay S I Am To Revise This A

I am totally struggling with English and all these essay’s.  I am to Revise this Argumentative Persuasion

Researched Essay.  Can anyone give me an tips, lead me in the right direction as what to do or what I should do.  How can I add more

1. What did I revise in the final version of my research paper?

2. What did I learn in ENG 1250?

3. What grade would I give myself for following through on all of the readings and peer reviews?

My professor wants the paper to be 5 to 7 pages and I have no clue what else to write for this revised paper

Crystal L. Chrisp

Professor Dawn Wooten

English 1250

29 April 2017

Religious Beliefs

Prof. Angela


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