HUMN 330 Does Altruism Exist?

I will share the links of the videos After you have viewed the videos, address the following questions: Requirements: 500-800 | .doc file What are the different opinions about helping others and/or sacrificing that are portrayed in each of these video clips? What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? Why? Is altruism real? Common? Are people, by nature helpful or selfish? Is altruism morally “right”? Or morally “wrong”? Explain your perspective. Can a selfish person be a moral person? A self-interested person? What is the difference, if there is any, between being selfish and being self-interested? Between acting prudently and acting morally? Is there a difference in sacrificing for a loved one (as in the Hunger Games scenario) and sacrificing for a stranger? Is one more altruistic than the other? Explain your perspective. How is the bystander effect related to issues of altruism and/or egoism?

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