HUM 311 KSU Week 2 Ancient Mesopotamia Technology Through Epic of Gilgamesh Essay

I need support with this Philosophy question so I can learn better.

1.)You are a National Geographic Reporter. Using your weekly commentaries, videos and posted resources please address some ways in which you feel modern technology is changing common beliefs about ancient sites (be specific with examples) and what we know of the ancient world

2.) AND what are your opinions on the ethics of early archaeologists (be specific with details) and did they help to foster misinformation in the world of academics and archaeology?

Please cite your sources in your narrative. Do NOT use outside sources. You post should be a minimum of 3 long paragraphs (about 1 page) to make your argument but may be longer.

Let me know which topic/s would help you write the paper, and I will send you all the materials for that topic/s, so you can use them as sources since we are not allowed to use any outside sources.

  • Prehistory
  • Mesopotamia
  • Hebrews
  • Egypt
  • Minoans/Mycenae
  • Intro. Greece
  • Philosophy

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