Hugh S Repair Shop Specializes In Repairing German And Japanese Cars The Shop Ha

Hugh’s Repair Shop specializes in repairing German and Japanese cars. The shop has two mechanics. One mechanics works on only German cars and the other mechanic works on only Japanese cars. In either case, the time required to repair a car has an exponential distribution with a mean of 0.2 days. The shop’s business has been steadily increasing, especially for German cars. Hugh projects that, by next year, German cars will arrive randomly to be repaired at a mean rate of four per day, so the time between arrivals will have an exponential distribution with a mean of 0.25 days. The mean arrival rate for Japanese cars is projected to be two per day, so the distribution of interarrival times will be exponential with a mean of 0.5 days. For either kind of car, Hugh would like the average waiting time in the shop before the repair is completed to be no more than 0.5 days. A. Formulate a spreadsheet model to perform a computer simulation to estimate what the average waiting time until repair is completed will be next year for tither kind of car. B. perform this siumulation for German cars over a period of 100 car arrivals. C. repeat part b for Japanese cars. D. use the Queueing Siumulator to do parts b and c with 10,000 car arrivals in each case. E. Hugh is considering hiring a second mechanic who specializes in German cars so that two such cars can be repaired simultaneously. Use the Queueing Simulator with 10,000 arrivals of German cars to evaluate this option. F. another option is to train the two current mechanics to work on either kind of car. This would increase the mean repair time by 10 percent, from 0.2 days to 0.22 days. Use the Queueing Simulator with 20,000 arrivals of cars of either kind to evaluate this option. SHOW ALL WORK

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