HU What Is This Picture Partisan Confirmation Process & Judicial Philosophies Discussion

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Question 1 – What is this Picture?

Do a little navigating and figure out what this picture from yesterday is. That is from April 7.

So what it is it?

Is she right, “This is ridiculous?”

Why was this event held?

Question 2 – The Partisan Confirmation Process?

What were your strongest impressions from the confirmation videos?

Should Bork have been rejected and Thomas and Kavanaugh confirmed? Explain

From a human psychology perspective, do you think going through a nasty partisan confirmation process would make you a more partisan judge?

Question 3 – Judicial Philosophies

Based on the first two articles, whose judicial philosophy do you prefer, Gorsuch or Breyer, explain why.

From the Huffington Post list of 14 philosophies. If you were a Supreme Court Justice, which 2 would you rely on most in your decision-making? Which do you think is the worst philosophy.

For Discussion question 3 Please take a look at these two short articles

Explaining Originalism

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