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Procedure1. On your computer, go to “All Programs” and open Photoshop CC.2. Click “edit” on the screen that pops up.3. At the top of the screen, select File >> new4..Open a new 10 inch x 8 inch or 10 inch x 8 inch file, resolution 300 ppi. (file >> new >> blank file)5. Use the internet to collect at least 10 images that describe you.6. Go to your first image and cut out the part you want using one of the selection methods (lasso, marquee, magic wand)7. Once your image is selected (moving dotted line), go to Edit >> Copy8. Make your 8×10 file active and select Edit >> Paste. Your cut out image should appear.9. Select, copy, and paste the rest of your images. Arrange them in an interesting composition.10. Select the negative space with the magic wand and add a variety of colors or patterns to these areas.11. If you need to continue working on your project, save as a PSD file.  Save often.12. When you have completed the assignment, save your file as LNFl_SPortrait.jpg 13. Place assignment in the specified Dropbox on Schoology

Grading Rubric– Composition – did you use your space in an interesting way?- Craftsmanship – did you pay attention to detail and make your work as neat as possible?- Creativity – did you experiment with new or different ideas?- Procedure – did you meet all the project requirements? Did you save and submit your file in the correct format?- Space – did you demonstrate an understanding of foreground, middle ground, and background?

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