HTM 320 New Castle High School IT Innovation on Crowd Control in Olympics Paper

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My topic : IT Inovationon on Crowd Control in Olympics: A Case Study of 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Please think these: 1 Use literature to support your arguments and provide justification for the research strategy.

2 The topic, research question and objectives needs further development.

3 Will the study focus on organisers, attendees or volunteer use of technology? Please think more carefully about the sample.

4 The research objectives need development. What types of technology or use of technology will the study focus on, i.e. technology used by attendees or for the operational aspects of the event?

5 The sample needs to be further developed and explained. Who will participate in the study? Is the focus on attendees, organisers, staff/volunteers? Why is the focus on the 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

6:More importantly, what literature are you reviewing? Is there a literature on the technological innovations in international sports events? What gaps in knowledge exist and how are you hoping to address the gaps?

7:How will you analyse the data? Will you use SPSS for example?

Please write it as the required in the PPT.

and one attached file is the example for the Methodology Part . Plz take a careful look at the Methodology Chapter.

I have the draft Literature revire with coments about this, but it is not the final one. Please just take a rough look. It needs to be revised.

Prof. Angela


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