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Knowledge Managements purpose is to improve the efficiency of the organization and save knowledge acquired by implementing systems that are defined, structed for employees with the results of being able to retain and shared experiences from employees to support the overall improvement and by continuing to provide motivators for employees to become innovators by enhancing decision making processes and a work environment that becomes more efficient(Quast, 2012).

Effectiveness and opportunities for competency development for employees requires organization’s to provide processes for employees to create new efficient ways to perform tasks required in their organization and identify valuable knowledge that is accessible and contains information that is relevant and accurate for the employees so they have the ability to retrieve the information and in return ensure a higher performance from employees due to continued development and skills within their organization(Ananda, 2019).

The knowledge management system envisioned would be a system that employees can have a visual refresher for some of the productive process that may accompany their roles and responsibilities and providing step by step tutorials for employees to be able to review steps in completing tasks and responsibilities. This would be beneficial because every employee learns on different levels so for some employees, they may be more visual learners and eve though they may understand their job having a visual process to review could support retention of knowledge.

Employees that require more of a checklist could benefit from having online steps for processes in completing their roles that again incorporate the system of order for productive levels in performing their roles and responsibilities. Many times the onboarding process involves filling vacancies quicker but allowing more techniques and tools for employees to be able to demonstrate their knowledge will support retention for employees in the expectation of their assigned roles and responsibilities to help support the organizational direction of the organization and continuous development and knowledge accessible for the employees to enhance their knowledge and skills in the process.


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Quast, L. August 20, 2012. Why Knowledge Management Is Important to The Success of Your Company.

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