HR Management in the 21st Century: pro’s and con’s

HR Management in the 21st Century: pro’s and con’s

-Abstract: Not all academic papers include abstracts, especially if they are short. For this paper, however, write a 100-word abstract for the final draft, since this will provide good practice for the final project’s “Executive Summary,” a common opening feature of business reports.

-The introduction should present the rationale for choosing the topic (i.e., why should readers care?) and your main thesis statement.

-The body of the paper should be divided into coherent sections each supporting in some way the main thesis. Paragraphs within each section should contribute to the aims of the particular section and provide a coherent structure for supporting ideas, usually by way of strong topic sentences and logical transitions. For this paper, you should also take advantage of APA-style section headings. (at least 1500 words)

Main content/body of paper more info: Your paper should include (a) a proper introduction (distinct from the abstract, which is a digest of the whole paper, not an introduction to the body), (b) a logical and coherent demonstration of the thesis, and (c) a conclusion outlining the implications of your findings. Use APA-style headings to set off individual sections. (Note that the opening, introductory paragraphs have no special heading.) While not all academic papers require section headings, for this paper, organize your literature review into focused sections that clearly contribute to your demonstration of the paper’s main thesis.

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